How do I order your services?
You can login to our portal 24/7 and order the package you want. If you want you can even customize by adding more of the products you love. After you place your order we start scheduling your appointment.

If you don`t have your free account set up yet, click the sign up button on our front page and we`ll have you up and running.

If you`d rather order on the phone, you can call our Customer Service Centre to place your order. Call 888-868-0709.
What if I want something different than your packages?
We can guarantee you we can help you out! You can choose any of our packages and then add more products to your order. That way you can customize your order any way you like. If you`re not sure or you need help just call us or email us and we`ll make sure we find the perfect package for you.

Scheduling/Making an appointment

How do you schedule the photo shoot?
As soon as you place your order we check our availability and get started. Depending on the instructions you gave us in your order we will either call you to schedule the appointment, or we will call the home owner to schedule, if that`s what you specified.
Can you photograph on the weekends??
Very often we can. But the availability is limited so try to notify us as early as you can if you know you`re going to need it.
Do I have to be present when you photograph the home?
No, you do not. This is more up to personal preference. Sometimes our Clients want to be present, sometimes we meet the homeowner at the home, and other times we are there alone. A professional job takes a little time, so if you have other things to do, we`ll do fine.
How long does it take to photograph a home?
This depends on a few factors. One is of course the number of pictures. More pictures take more time. Another factor is the size and complexity of the property and the house. More than anything it depends on how the home looks. Has the homeowner prepared the home for photography, or must the photographer spend a lot of time decluttering the home? Depending on these factors we say between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.


How do I pay for the pictures?
For all Real Estate professionals once the delivery is complete and you are happy, we will email you the invoice. You can pay online or send us the check in the mail. Whatever you prefer.
All Homeowners will be invoiced prior to the scheduled photo shoot. Payment must be paid in advance before the scheduled photo shoot.
Can I pay with Credit Card?
Yes, you can pay our electronic invoice with any Credit Card.

Quality of your products

Do you use HDR techniques?
No, we do not. HDR can give a better result than images coming straight from a camera on automatic. And HDR can be super cool as an effect to landscapes or artistic designs. But for Real Estate Photography it is considered an amateur approach. HDR will give false colors, issues with lights and white balance. And the images often have a "fake" look to them.

We use our techniques specially developed to handle the challenges Real Estate Photography represents. Especially for interior pictures you will see the difference between us and the competition right away. Brighter, cleaner and crisper.
What kind of equipment do you use?
Our photographers are equipped with the right professional gear for the job. That means the combination of camera, lenses, flashes and tripods are tested and tried, and proven to give the desired result.
Do you use Fisheye lenses to make the rooms look bigger?
No, never. We shoot using wide angle lenses on professional cameras. This gives a wider view of the room than with a standard lens, but it presents the room exactly as you would see it if you were in the room. Photographers going too wide give a false impression of the rooms, and leave you with unhappy potential buyers.
What sizes are the pictures?
We deliver the files in two formats. MLS optimized files that have a 72dpi resolution. These files are fast loading and excellent for MLS, Virtual Tours, Emailing, Newsletters, and anything digital.

We also deliver the files as print files. These files have a 300dpi resolution and are used for printing purposes only. Advertisements, flyers, brochures, books etc.


When are my pictures ready?
Your pictures will be ready for you the first business day after we photograph the home. All photos will then be edited and enhanced, ready to download.
How will I receive my pictures?
You will receive an email with a notification that your photos are ready. You can then access your photos and download the photos to your computer. You can even select to download the photos as web optimized files for MLS and Website use, or the full Print Files for print marketing, postcards, brouchures, paper ads, and more.

The Products

What does Elevated Photo mean?
This is a picture showing the exterior of the home from 22 feet off the ground. Excellent for showcasing lake fronts, pools, facades, etc. We use custom made telescopic masts that allow us to get into places other methods would not be possible.
What does Virtual Twilight Photo mean?
This is an awesome product! It showcases the exterior of the home at night. It is great for facades, and pool shots. It attracts a lot of attention from Buyers!

And the best part. Our competitors have to go back a second time at night, and charge you about $ 150 for the twilight shots only. We shoot the pictures during the normal photo shoot during daytime. Our professional editing team then edit the chosen image into a twilight picture. Giving you a fantastic marketing tool at the fraction of the cost.

Geographical Coverage

Which areas do you cover?
The majority of our business is in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. But we do cover Central Florida and we are rapidly expanding. If you are unsure if we cover your area, give us a call.