VISO A Cloud-based Interactive Property Presentation

“VISO is a cloud based INTERACTIVE visual presentation of the property, made specific for mobile platforms. It is the Property Specific DYNAMIC brochure as long as it is on the market. It is the natural end-station for communicating with home buyers. VISO gives a complete interactive property buying experience. Unique profile of neighbours VISO give the buyer access to relevant information sources on the web. VISO makes it easier for the buyer to stay informed about the process and facilitates communication with the agent. Both the agent and home owner can tweet status, stories, and pictures directly into the brochure. VISO is a dynamic digital presenation that is ongoing updated to ensure the most relevant appearance of the property. Prospective buyer and easily create a shortcut directly to his or her smartphone. That icon has your agent branding. 24-hour availably – only a finger-touch away.

  • Nothing Like it in the Market
  • Unique visibility on Social Media
  • Relevant and Informative
  • Interactive and Responsive
  • Also use it as a Listing Tool
VISO Digital Brochure Sample
VISO is an extremely efficient digital sales tool for us agents. IT gives of instant knowledge about buyer’s actions and the opportunity for a dynamic adjustment of content during the whole sales process.

Kristin Kabbe
Marketing Manager
Aktiv Eiendomsmegling
Norway’s Leading Broker Chain

VISO is a modern and timely way of presenting the property. Easy, complete and relevant. In the VISO the buyer gets everything they need, when they need it, and wherever they are. This is a dream come true for buyers.

Robin Rodahl
Real Estate Agent MNEF
Aktiv Gronland/Bjorgvik
Oslo’s leading broker office

What do you find in a VISO Brochure?

VISO For you as a Real Estate Professional

A video on how you work the VISO Interactive Digital Brochure

Frequent Asked Questions

What is VISO?

VISO is a cloud based interactive presentation of the property, specifically made for smartphone and tablet viewing. It is the home page for the home and a natural medium for communication with potential buyers. It is here they end op when clicking through on digital ads or in e-mails or texts with the unique link.

How do I order?

If you are a new client then just register with us at ( Current clients can just order via our iWeb platform. When you have ordered the VISO, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the presenation. However, you can only see the brochure once the photos have been taken, delivered and selected in iWEB. Everything else is automatically populated to VISO.

What is the benefit of VISO – why should I purchase it?

It is a more informative, userfriendly, and interactive way of presenting the property. It is made specifically for the mobile user. It is easy and simple to share the brochures and a short-cut and be directly downloaded to the smartphone or tablet. It is presenting the property in a totally new way, that is both informative, entertaining and easy to use. The presentation is dynamic and can be updated on an ongoing basis during the whole sales process. Informative, user-friendly, dynamic, mobile friendly, and easy to share.

What is so Special about VISO?

A lot! Pictures are grouped in room categories, which give a quick summary of what the property has to offer. You can Like or Love the picturs, and you as the agent can add in-picture descriptions to highlight specific features. There is a unque user-dashboard with statistics of views and how the brochures is being used. There is also neighbourhood information so you know who lives in the area. An active Twitter blog is included, so the agent or the home owner can tweet live into the brochure – get that beautiful sunset picture on the porch in there as it happens. The brochures is also dynamic so it can be easily updated of any adjustments that comes about.

How much does it cost?

Extremely inexpensive for the value it will give you – US$50 per property, with unlimited sharing and time.

Does it require a lot of work?

When you know the ropes it will take you 10-15 minutes. Most of the content is added automatically based on the address. When you have prepared the information on the MLS, then the text will be uploaded automatically. Images are loaded directly from our iWEB platform, where you initially order and receive your photos. The eight sections of dynamic information are: Banner photo, photos, text, Neighbourhood, internet, radon, 3D floorplans, distances, twitter, documents, FAQ, and sponsor sections. All are options and can be selected or deselected depending on your requirements.

How often do I need to update it?

Basically as often or as seldom as you wish. However, there is a lot of useful feedback from viewers, so you may want to optimize it according to the information you get in. The brochure itself pushes the pictures most viewed to the top, so you optimize the usefulness of the brochure. Remember you can also communicate with prospective buyers and the sections for signing up for the open house is a great place to capture those elusive leads.

Where does the potential buyer gets access to the brochure?

First and foremost, this is an integrated part of a social media campaign: they see the add and will click right through to the brochure. You can place the link in the Virtual Tour or Video link on the MLS and get the distribution that MLS’s syndication automatic gives you. Add it to your own web site, include the link in your e-mail campaigns, post and boost your posts on your FB Page.

What is the most important function for me as the buyer/user?

The biggest benefit is that you as home buyer, will get a more comprehensive, insightful, user-friendly and entertaining digital presentation of the property you are viewing. It is mobile friendly and fits any device you may be using. Sharing is also made extremely easy, so you can easily ask your network to market it for you also.

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VISO is only $50.00 per listing

You can order VISO on our iWEB platform using your account access information. If you are new to InvosUSA, please sign up here.

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